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National Bikini Day is Coming: 4 Ways to Get Ready

Mark your calendars – National Bikini Day is just around the corner! Occurring annually on July 5, women in the United States have been celebrating this national holiday since 1946. And since this beloved date falls right after a national holiday, it’s the perfect time to hit the beach. You can extend a holiday weekend with some extra fun in the sun. 

And while it seems like spring just arrived, we will be mid-summer in no time. That’s why now is the perfect time to get ready for National Bikini Day. Here are some great ideas to help you get ready to celebrate in style. 

1. Select a Bold Bathing Suit for National Bikini Day

National Bikini Day is more than just an excuse to throw on a bathing suit and soak up the sun. It actually celebrates the anniversary of the date of the introduction of the bikini. Louis Reard, a French engineer and designer, introduced his modern two-piece bikini in 1946. The year 2021 marks the bikini’s 75th birthday! The bikini made a huge splash in the fashion world when it was first introduced. But Reard’s design has withstood the test of time, despite being very fashion-forward at its inception. 

The best way to celebrate the introduction of the bikini is by spending the day in a fashionable two-piece option. And to further embrace Reard’s fashion-forward spirit, it’s worth looking at some of the most stylish options of 2021. Some of the hottest trends this year include sculpted tops, keyhole cutouts, bold prints, and asymmetrical designs. If you are feeling very daring, you can opt for a body-baring string bikini with embellished ties. 

Luckily, there are bikini options that flatter all body types. Don’t get caught up with insecurities. If anything, National Bikini Day is the best day of the year to wear something you normally wouldn’t. But you can still select a suit that flatters your frame. This will ensure you feel great and look great! Embrace the spirit of Louis Reard, and select something daring. It’s sure to be fashionable and will be a great way to celebrate the holiday!

2. Put Some Thought into Accessories

National Bikini Day is more than just the day the bikini was introduced. It represents the height of fashion and its evolution. The pioneering spirit that gave Reard the confidence to introduce a very controversial design still exists. It lives within all of us. 

This means that celebrating National Bikini Day is also about celebrating fashion in general. Normally, you might just throw a bathing suit on and grab a pair of shades before heading to the beach. But on this holiday, you have a reason to go above and beyond. You can select from a variety of different accessories to perfect a fashionable beach ‘look.’ You can take your look to the next level by adding a headscarf, jewelry, Birkenstocks, or anything else that matches your style.

National Bikini Day is a way to highlight your unique style – but in swimwear! So be as bold as you want to be. Selecting the right accessories is the best way to elevate your look and showcase your fashion style. 

3. Plan for Fun on National Bikini Day

Celebrating at any beach or pool can make for a great National Bikini Day. But there are many local events at beaches across the United States that can make for an even more special day. Consider traveling to one of the top beaches that host celebrations. And since it falls on July 5 (right after a major holiday), it is the perfect time to get out of town for a bit.

After all, you put a lot of effort into your look; you should take the opportunity to really showcase it. And gathering with other individuals that appreciate the day is a great way to ensure you have a blast. 

4. Reach Out to Friends

Whether you decide to travel or not, spending National Bikini Day with friends is essential. Women can take this opportunity to get together. It’s a great time to reflect on the uniqueness of all our friends and celebrate the traits that make us all different. And a fun way to do that is by showcasing your different bathing suit styles and preferences. And let’s face it – a day at any beach or pool is way more fun when you are with your best friends.

5. Don’t Let the Fun Die

National Bikini Day is only one day out of the year. And although it is a special day that allows us to celebrate fashion and women, the reality is these things should be done frequently. Keep the spirit of National Bikini Day alive all year by continuing to be bold and daring in your style choices. And take more trips to the beach with your girlfriends.

You can also boost your participation in the day by engaging in social media that celebrate. Many influencers and brands post their favorite styles – both currently and throughout the history of the bikini. It’s a great way to learn about new and emerging trends. And be sure to snap some pics showing your style for the day. You can share these on different social media accounts to get feedback. Plus, you never know who you might inspire with your style!

While National Bikini Day isn’t the biggest holiday in the United States, it is important in many fashion circles. It is also a great way to celebrate the bikini. And never forget that the bikini is viewed by many as an invention that allowed women more social freedoms. The bikini allowed women to bare more of their bodies without the stigma. Even if you aren’t a fashion nut, it’s still a great way to celebrate women. And if you love fashion, well it’s the perfect holiday to have some fun. So, grab your boldest suit, perfect your look, and make a plan with friends for some fun. Because National Bikini Day is almost here!


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