Long-Torso Bathing Suits for 2022

Many of us dread shopping for a new swimsuit. But the reality is that with the right bathing suit, any beautiful stranger can feel confident and comfortable in her skin - especially wearing a bathing suit. 

 However, we know and understand that each of us is unique, so finding the right fit can be challenging. Women with a long torso may find it especially challenging to find a suit that fits well and is super flattering to their figure. 

The bottom line is that long torso bathing suits can be tough for women taller than 5’5”. Strangers taller than this often have a longer torso and struggle to find a bathing suit that creates a look of balanced proportions. 

Common problems that women with a long torso face when shopping for a bathing suit include:

  • One-pieces are often not long enough to accommodate extra length in the torso.
  • Low-rise bottoms will create a larger midriff gap than expected.
  • Tankini tops do not go down far enough and create a gap when not intended. 
  • Many bathing suits emphasize the imbalance when a long torso is combined with shorter legs.  

But some options can get around the common problems women face when looking for long torso bathing suits. When you find the right suit, you can begin to mix and match pieces to create a fun and fresh look all summer long. The result will achieve the best look for a unique body type. 

Some great selections that flatter a long torso include:

  • Long One-Piece Swimsuits: Many long torso women have a more challenging time finding a one-piece that fits better than bikinis since bikinis don’t account for the size of one’s torso. 

  • There isn’t enough material in the torso with many one-pieces. If the shoulder straps do not have enough length, the material covering the breasts will be pulled down, exposing more than intended.

    More importantly, it won’t be comfortable. Who can have fun at the beach when you are worried about sharing all the goods? But we got you, and have created one-pieces that are specifically designed to fit women with longer torsos and provide enough material. 

    One-pieces provide a classic look with a wide range of options. You can find everything from modest suits to sizzling and sporty options! The result is a comfortable and flattering fit. 

    If you find a one-piece with horizontal lines or patterns, these features can create the illusion of a shorter torso. We love a one-piece with a plunging neckline, it can be incredibly flattering. The plunge draws attention toward the neckline and breaks up space on the torso. These options can be ideal for striking a balanced look for many women with long torsos. 

  • Tankinis: While some tankini tops are not long enough to provide the ideal amount of coverage, some are. Tankinis allow you to mix and match as you would with a bikini, so you can find a great top that fits a long torso and pair it with the best bottoms for your body type. 

  • Tankini tops can also be paired with swim skirts and shorts to provide a more elegant look for a long torso. However, be sure to find a tankini top with enough length. Many standard tops do not, resulting in uncomfortable tugging to pull it down or stretch the material.  

  • High Waist Bikinis: This style is more revealing than a one-piece or tankini but is a great look for long torsos. The gap between the bikini top and the bottoms is smaller than a traditional bottom. This trait means the torso will look more balanced. 

  • This style has many plus-size options since it is such a flattering look for many women. Mid-rise bottoms are another option that accomplishes the same look by sitting higher up on the waist. 

    Check out our Verve High Waist Cheeky Bikini Bottoms 

  • Belted One-piece Bathing Suits: Belted one-pieces have been a hot style for the last several years - and they aren’t going anywhere. This look can turn heads, especially on women with a long torso. 

  • Whether it’s an actual belt across the waist or a more subtle belted design, this feature breaks up the space on the torso. It draws the eyes to the waistline rather than the torso. And with all eyes on the waistline, these suits make feminine curves really stand out!

  • High-Legged Bathing Suits: Bathing suits with high legs create an illusion of longer legs, bringing balance to a body with a long torso. Even legs cut just slightly higher than average can make legs appear much longer. 

  • These suits have a leg cut that sits higher on the hip than typical bathing suits. And if you can find a high-legged suit with adjustable straps at the shoulders, you won’t have to sacrifice comfort. 

  • Asymmetrical or Cutout Suits: Asymmetrical suits trick the eyes by creating unexpected dimensions. While some one-piece bathing suits can make a long-torso body look boxy, asymmetry can flatter curves in a way that is sexy and feminine. The asymmetry will draw eyes away from the torso, creating a more balanced look. 

  • Common options include those that go over one shoulder and bathing suits that use color blocks.  Bathing suits with cutouts accomplish the same thing; they break up the torso space and make the body look more proportioned. 

    Essentially, these options change how you visually appear to create a more balanced look. Asymmetrical suits and cutouts are trendy right now, so you won’t have a problem finding one among the new arrivals at most stores. 

    Having a long torso can make it harder to find the right swimsuit. Many suits found in stores are designed for shorter women with shorter torsos. But the options on this list give you a great starting point that can make it easier to find your perfect bathing suit for summer 2022!


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