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How to Feel Confident in Plus Size Cheeky Swimsuits

Photo by: Jenn Petty
Most of us stress about wearing a swimsuit; this is true no matter what size we might be. And for many of us, the months leading up to bikini season are filled with madness to get that ‘perfect beach body.’ The mere mention of that phrase conjures images of that dreamy beach bod; toned abs and a tiny waist...aye aye aye. Right?

The media has been incredibly successful in telling us that we must meet these beauty standards to even consider donning a bathing suit, especially something revealing, like a cheeky swimsuit. But the reality is that most women simply aren’t even capable of achieving that body no matter how much we alter our diet or exercise. We come in all kinds of beautiful body types and shapes. This fact is something that is truly embraced and celebrated at Strange Bikinis.

The myth of the perfect bikini body needs to be put to rest. And more and more women should embrace the fact that they likely look fabulous in a swimsuit, no matter their body size or shape. Easier said than done, right? We know.

But the only way to change society’s mind and the media representations is to make massive changes at a personal level. So, this message serves as a call to all women to ditch their negative self-perceptions and pull out their sexiest swimsuit, even, especially if it’s a cheeky one. There is no better feeling than wearing this bold swimsuit with confidence. And if you aren’t feeling particularly confident about it at the moment, remembering these key ideas might be just the inspiration you need.

Change Your Mindset

Overcoming personal insecurities is so tough, but have you ever looked at another woman wearing a swimsuit and thought she should have lost some weight before putting that suit on? Of course you haven’t, and yet, we don’t hesitate for even a second to critique ourselves in this manner. Embrace your beauty, and put on that suit, sister. Push any insecurities right out of your mind. 

All bodies are bikini bodies. And whether you are wearing a cheeky one-piece or an extra revealing cheeky bikini - or any other swimwear for that matter – don’t sweat it. Because nobody else is. And if you aren’t busy focusing on your perceived flaws, you can relax and have a blast. Doing this will help you to exude a confidence that is truly radiant.

Here’s are some of our favorite body positivity influencers, that are leading by example: Sarah Nicole Landry and Chelsea Culbertson.

plus size cheeky swimsuitPhoto by: Sarah Nicole Landry

Embrace Your Assets

Women need to realize that their perception of an ideal body is very different from men’s. Many men - and even other women – find curves to be sexier. There are a lot of scientific studies and evolutionary theories to back this up. Study after study has found that a woman’s attractiveness is strongly linked to having curves. Moral of the story...embrace what ya’ got, ladies!

This fact means that what many plus-sized women consider their weakness appearance-wise is likely their greatest asset. Knowing this fact should inspire greater levels of confidence. So, why not show those curves off! And there is nothing better to tease a shapely body than a cheeky swimsuit. They show just enough to create a bold and sensual look without being too revealing. The high, narrow cut on the leg shows off a little more of the backside than other suits, which is a great way to flaunt those curves.

Have Fun

It doesn’t matter your size; you’ll always be sexier with a smile on your face. Once you start to feel even a little comfortable in your suit, you can let your guard down and really start to have a great time. I mean, that’s probably why you came to the beach or pool in the first place- right?! 

People gravitate to others who put out positive vibes, and few things can boost your confidence more than realizing that you are the life of the party. 

Buy a New Suit

Most women deeply understand the value of retail therapy. And it’s easy to feel less than confident if you are putting on the same suit you’ve been wearing for years. Our style preferences continuously evolve, and our bodies experience small fluctuations throughout the seasons and even across time, even in the absence of a dramatic weight gain or loss. So, if you are feeling stuck in a fashion rut with your swimwear, go shopping and find a new suit, or a few.

And putting on a new suit can give your confidence an even bigger boost, especially if you find one that gives you the right fit and accentuates areas you would like to show off. Wearing a flattering suit will always make you feel more confident. And who doesn’t feel like they look great when donning something new? 

And while you are shopping, check out a cheeky one-piece or bikini.

plus size cheeky swimsuit

Photo By: Strange Bikinis


Feeling comfortable and confident in your skin is something nearly all women struggle to achieve, and the journey to get there looks different for every woman. Finding a suit that fits right and then adding the right accessories can do a lot for one’s confidence. So, don’t skimp on the accessories and add any jewelry, sunglasses, Birks n’ socks, or hats that you would like.

And, a wrap can be a great accessory too. Baring a lot in a cheeky suit is an idea that can take a bit of time to warm up to, especially if it’s a new look for you. There is nothing wrong with that. Adding a sarong to your look gives you a little bit of time to arrive at your destination and get comfortable with your surroundings before taking it off and showing off all of your greatest assets. You. Can. Do it.

Nobody has a perfect body, but every body can look great in a plus size cheeky swimsuit, especially women with all of the curves. It’s just a matter of finding the right fit, color, style, and cut. The right suit can accentuate the natural contours of your body in an incredibly flattering way. With the right suit, it becomes a whole lot easier to feel confident and sexy. Then, all you have to do is focus on having a great time!

Cover photo by: Jenn Petty


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