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7 Swimsuit Ideas for a Small Bust

No matter what body type you have, I feel that we are eternally dealing with insecurities when it comes to rocking a bathing suit. Well-endowed women have fears of bathing suits without proper support. Pear-shaped women struggle to find a balanced look. And those with smaller busts might find it challenging to find something that shows off some curves. 

I think we can all agree that being small chested has advantages! You rarely have to worry about anything peaking out during activities. And there are usually no problems with running. Bras are always optional...but when you’re rocking a small bust I feel like bras wouldn’t be a main consideration when getting dressed! But it can still be incredibly difficult to find swimwear that makes you feel confident and looks great.

The following options can really accentuate small boobs and flatter your whole body!

1. The Classic String Bikini

There is a compelling reason string bikinis have been popular for decades (with no sign of slowing down). Many women love these bathing suits for their ability to look great on a wide variety of body types. Women with smaller chests may choose a halter top string bikini. This top pulls the bust together and accentuates the curves. (Insert link to Bliss Triangle Top)

2. The Triangle Bikini

A triangle string bikini is another great option. You can further enhance the bust by selecting a triangle bikini with an underwire. Those with playful designs, embellishments, or ruffles can also pull attention to the chest region and create a sexy look.

3. A One-Piece Bathing Suit

One-pieces are great for nearly every body type. For women with small busts, they are an easy option that fits comfortably. And you can still achieve a great look. Selecting a one-piece suit with sexy cutouts or a deeply scooped neck will accentuate the area. If you really want to heat up your look, you can select a one-piece with an extremely deep neck. Some will go nearly as deep as the belly button. It's an incredibly sexy look!

A one-piece suit can also feature a shirred or ruched bust. This technique gathers fabric for a feminine look that can fill out the chest area. It is another way to create the look of additional curves. This suit ensures you feel comfortable and confident.

4. One-Shoulder Bathing Suit

One-shoulder suits can come in either one- or two-piece bathing suits. The asymmetrical look works especially well for women with small busts. It delivers full coverage but looks more flattering. Similar to bright patterns and embellishments, the asymmetry pulls one's eyes to the top. It can accentuate a small bust and create the illusion of a very curvy body. 

5. A Bandeau Bikini

Bandeaus look amazing on women with small busts. Those with ties the center or further enhance the bust. Bandeaus with this type of embellishment can provide definition to the chest region and look amazing! Many bandeaus also have removable straps and can double as a summer top in many settings. 

6. A Mermaid Bikini

A mermaid bikini is much like demi-cup bras, but with one big difference. There is a small separation between the two cups, which allows for angling of the bosom. It is the perfect style to highlight cleavage in a simple and flattering way. 

Mermaid tops frequently have an underwire, which also lifts the breasts and allows them to appear fuller. In any case, this style looks amazing on smaller chests. (Stay-cay Underwire Bikini Top)

7. Suits with Chest Embellishments

Small boobs can be accentuated in many different ways. Selecting a bikini top with a bold pattern and pairing it with dark, solid-colored bikini bottoms is one way to emphasize the chest. You can also select those with elaborate styles and sporty cutouts. 

Additionally, selecting suits with interesting textures and features is another way to pull attention to the chest. A well-placed knot or ties can also look amazing. Finding the perfect bathing suit can be challenging for all women. It can seem more challenging if you have a small bust, but let’s make it fun! Check out Strange Bikinis and find a suit you love. 


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