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5 Lessons I’ve Learned from Normal Girls in Bikinis

For women, few things in life will make them reflect on their own body goals as much as putting on a bikini. We have a tendency to notice – and over-inflate – every minute, perceived body flaw that we think we have. And no matter how many people tell us we might look great in even the boldest bikini, we often never seem to accept it.

The fact of the matter is that when many of us slip on a bikini, we dwell on our insecurities. And looking around the beach or pool, we tend to think all the other girls are just normal girls in bikinis while failing to realize they may have the same thoughts. 

But there are some lessons that can be learned from strangers, those “normal girls in bikinis”, that are sure to help you embrace your own body and realize that all bikinis are for normal girls.

There is no normal!

Normal is a perception. That’s all. If you consider all of the women you have in your life, how could you even define normal? It’s impossible. There are averages, certainly. But if you consider any group of women you may encounter wearing bikinis, my bet is that you would consider almost all of them to be normal – despite any variation that may exist across their body types. 

And when you have a bikini on, that’s what you become to everyone else – just another normal girl in a bikini. While we focus on our own appearance to a high degree, we spend very little time dwelling on the appearance of others, even when they are in swimsuits. So, instead of thinking that all of the other girls appear normal except for you, embrace that once you slip on your bikini, you’re as normal as everyone else around you – and this is how they perceive you.

regular women in swimsuits

Select a Flattering – But Comfortable – Bikini

Despite saying you should feel normal no matter what in a bikini, many women may find this hard to do. Those feelings of self-consciousness are often deep-rooted and reinforced by societal expectations. And while the right mentality can get you to feel more comfortable in a bikini, the right bikini can do just as much.

There are a spectrum of body types and an almost equally impressive range in the styles of bikinis with different features and embellishments. Prior to making any purchase, you should spend some time determining your body type, and what types of bikinis enhance your natural assets and minimize your perceived imperfections. Try many on to find out what you like and dislike, and what you feel comfortable wearing. The right bikini will boost your confidence almost immediately, and help you feel like one of the rest of the normal girls in bikinis.

Try Being Bold

Have you ever looked at another woman in a bikini and thought that she looked amazing? Of course, you have. But if you consider why you thought she looked amazing, the answer is often because her look was bold. Daring cuts and straps can create just the look you are seeking – and often result in positive attention. 

Once you have mastered some of your own insecurities to realize that you are another normal girl in a bikini, you can begin to take lessons from the ones who take it a step further. If you notice a particular feature on another’s bikini that you like, try purchasing a similar one. Slowly, you can refine your look to achieve not just a normal look, but one that other’s notice.

Focus on Having Fun

Much of this article has been about achieving a mindset of a normal girl in a bikini, but that underscores the side effect of spending so much time worrying about how you look in a bikini – you have less time for fun. 

When watching other average girls in bikinis, some of them appear to be having more fun than others. But one thing is certain, smiling, laughing, and enjoying the things we love doing is great for our mental health, and it helps us exude confidence to others. With the right bikini, you can spend much less time considering your appearance and more time enjoying the activities that should have your attention. By prioritizing fun, you can ensure that you are another normal girl in a bikini – but one who is also loving every minute of it!

They Can Be an Inspiration

Looking at normal girls in bikinis when you don’t feel like one, can often be intimidating and daunting. But remember that they are not your enemy. In most cases, the enemy is your own mindset, and the normal girls can be friends, allies, and even serve as inspiration.

If you are focusing heavily on your own insecurities, find the other girl there who is having the most fun and join her. Sometimes, just by being in the proximity of someone else who is having fun, our whole mood and perception can shift. 

Additionally, other women can serve as an inspiration to make healthier choices to meet any outstanding body goals you have yet to achieve. In today’s world, nearly all of us wish we had more time to focus on wellness and fitness, but most of us need a little incentive to make actual changes to our lifestyle. Seeing another stunning woman can sometimes be just what it takes to help us prioritize our own fitness goals and follow through with the actions we need to take to achieve them. 

Normal girls in bikinis aren’t just a group that we can aspire to be a part of; it’s a group all of us strangers already belong to. Viewing others as normal girls is a mentality that can be broken once you find the courage to accept who you are, have fun, and continue working on the person you hope to become. But, selecting the perfect bikini doesn’t hurt, either – so be sure to have a few confidence-boosting suits handy before summer comes. 

Average women in bikinis


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