Welcome to the Family!

As a new Strange Bikinis ambassador, we're excited to work with you and to grow together!
Here are our best tips to help you on your way as a Strange ambassador!
P.S. We also recommend you bookmark this page as a reference going forward. 


Here are a few of the Instagram basics! 

1. Please always tag us on anything you post regarding Strange Bikinis.

2. Talk about the steps we're taking together to become more sustainable like our biodegradable fabrics and Plastic Free Fridays. 

3. Any event we have, we would like you to post about (local or not).

4. Keep everything inclusive! For example. please don't use the  cursive font on your Instagram stories - it can be so hard to read.

Receiving your Bikini
Bikini Haul Tips
Flatlay Tips

You could be paid for your photos!

A post must receive 20% engagement or higher to count as one of your posts for the month and to allow you to potentially be paid for your posts! We want your followers to love what you post about Strange Bikinis and we find that engagement is the way to discover what your followers like and do not like.
If you meet all of our criteria below:

  • One Instagram story a week during May, June, July, and August. 2 stories a month during off season (any month that isn't summer!)
  • 2 posts a month from April to September, and 1 post a month from October to March -Tag Strange Bikinis in your photos
  • Tag Strange Bikinis in your photos
  • Take flatlays and unboxing videos
  • 20% engagement
  • Strange Bikinis' team loves your photos:

We would love to reward you for your content, which means you can earn $30-$75 per photo.

Find your discount code:

Have any questions? We'd love to hear them! Send us an email at orders@strangebikinis.com and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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