Our influencer program was started as a way for Strangers around the world to become more environmentally aware, active in your communities, and make connections. We encourage you to be yourself and

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 25% discount on all swimwear

(P.S. We won't be having many sales or other discounts this year!)

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Why Become an Influencer?

Receive 25% off all swimwear, participate in ambassador exclusive giveaways, and grow your network. Plus, anyone can join!
 If you meet all of our requirements and we love your photos, we'll pay you for them!*


Make COnnections



  • Must have an Instagram
  • One Instagram story a week during May, June, July, and August. 2 stories a month during off season.
  • 2 posts a month from April to September, and 1 post a month from October to March
  • Tag Strange Bikinis in your photos
  • Post on specific days when we ask you to post
  • Take flatlays and unboxing videos
  • We will send you text reminders on specific days we'd like you to post
  • Follow your fellow Strange Bikinis Influencers! Like and comment on their photos and grow your own network through us


Get inspiration from a few of our favorite Strangers

*Strange Bikinis LLC chooses influencers to pay at their discretion. 

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