7 Tips for Acing your Bikini Outfit

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Living in Los Angeles meant having access to beautiful beaches and the luxury to enjoy the sun while flaunting wearing your favorite swimsuit. But to be honest, finding an affordable and uniquely designed swimwear can be a challenge for any woman.

Tired of the swimwear struggle, Ali Conway decided to start Strange Bikinis. She began creating custom pieces for her friend, who flaunted them with the swag that only comes from ultimate confidence that you can get from the perfect swimwear. The innate glow that her pieces bring to people eventually sparked a huge demand from customers, thus, Strange Bikinis was born.  

The connection that Ali has from her customers inspires her to continue her passion. Throughout the years, she never lost touch with her sole purpose for starting the line in the first place: the women behind it. Every Stranger out there adventuring the world, handstanding in her studio, and dancing at festivals inspires the next dreamy bikini. 

7 Tips for Acing your Bikini Outfit

By Strange Bikinis


Drinking lots of water will allow you to add some shine to your skin. Water helps flush out toxins in your body which will give you a healthy glow. It also allows you to stay hydrated as you soak up the sun.

Prep Your Skin

The combination of sun, sand, and salt water can make your skin rough. A few days before wearing your favorite bikini, make sure you exfoliate your skin to remove excess dirt and prevent dirt build up. Keep a great moisturizer, rather it be lotion or oil, to add sleek shine to your body. You should also prepare your skin to be exposed to sunlight! Make sure you have the best sunscreen on hand and proper eyewear to protect your eyes.

Choose the Right Suit

Swimsuits come in different shapes and sizes and accentuate different parts of your body. Make sure you are aware of which parts of your body you want exposed and which ones you want covered. Most one-piece swimsuits do a great job of covering the abdomen while accentuating the hip and bust. Strapless two-piece swimsuits work well for women who may want to flaunt their bust, hip, and abdomen.

Dabble on Some Makeup

Who says you can’t wear makeup on the beach? A nice light sprinkle of concealer, eye shadow, and a lippie, will create a flawless look for any beach photos you may take. Just make sure your makeup is waterproof!

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Bring a Cover Up

Cover ups work well if you plan to lounge around in the sand, take a stroll, or stop by the local beach bar. You can use sheer lightweight material or a sarong to cover up parts of your body you may not want to emphasize during a portion of your time visiting the beach.


A beautiful sun hat, pair of earrings, or bracelet can serve as the perfect accessory for your bikini. Think outside the box and look your best in your bikini by adding in some accessories.

Wear Your Confidence

The most beautiful thing you can wear is your confidence! Women are unique in their own ways so be confident in the skin and body that you are in. Stand tall and be proud of your bikini bod because confidence is attractive.

Are you looking for a stylish but comfortable bikini for your next beach getaway?

You can look flawless and feel more confident than ever without breaking the bank with Strange Bikinis. 

Strange Bikinis provides unique, edgy, and affordable swimsuits for all body types allowing all women to feel amazing flaunting the skin their in.


"Ali owner/CEO/Creator of Strange Bikinis is a swim suit Goddess. She promotes Body Positivity and supports women feeling fierce. I own 3 suits from this company and could not be happier they are all customize able and they sky's the limit. She will work with you and accept measurements to assure it fits like a glove. The Material is fabulous and flattering. These are High Quality Goodness, created in the USA with love."

- Erika Burg


 "Strange Bikinis is fabulous! Custom suits tailored to your unique body shape and size-truly a labor of love! Awesome selection of style and designs. Two thumbs up!!!"

- Maeghan Pocock


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