Arancia Active Bikini Top

Size Guide
Burnt Sienna (Biodegradable)
Plumb Lane (Biodegradable)
Wild Thing
Black (Ribbed)/ Retro Palm
Retro Palm/ Keep Tahoe Blue
Keep Tahoe Blue

Best selling bikini top in all the land (or the sea, for that matter). Signature braid details and strappy design makes this swim top one of a kind. Low cut front and bandeau type fit. Very supportive and adjustable to create the perfect fit. Why yes, that is a fishtail braid.

  • Bikini top
  • Strappy
  • Adjustable fit
  • Sporty style
  • Supportive bikini top
  • Active bikini top
  • Braided details

◌ Our Burnt Sienna and Plumb Lane Fabrics are biodegradable! After 3 years of being in a landfill (an environment without oxygen) these fabrics will breakdown into non-toxic organic elements. This means one day when you’re finished loving this eco-friendly bikini the only thing left are your memories in it!

◌Our comfy and soft ribbed fabric offers slightly more support than our non-ribbed fabric.

◌Features a small opening on the side to add your own bikini padding

◌Care: Wash gently and dry in the shade. Avoid overly chlorinated pools.