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Swimwear Trends You Will See in 2022

As we head into the new year, we have been long thinking about and planning for the upcoming swimwear trends we will see in 2022. Travel and crowd restrictions are now easing in many locations. This means that this year is set to be one with lots of beach and pool time on the horizon. So, you’ll be sure to want the hottest (and coziest) swimsuits available to make your summer a blast. 

This summer is set to see the following trends, and it’s a good tip to keep in mind while you are swimwear shopping. 

  1. Classic and Vintage One-Piece Swimsuits

Everyone who follows swimsuit trends knows that the classic and vintage cuts never really go out of style. And this year, the one-piece will continue to be especially popular. These pieces often include solid colors with clean and elegant lines. And they became classic for a reason – these suits often look great on women with many different body shapes. It is easy to accessorize with solid colors too, which allows you to personalize your style. For a great example of stunning one-piece swimsuits that are sure to turn heads in 2022, check out the collection by Montce. It’s easy to see why these suits will be popular this summer. They are stunning and made with the highest quality. And the clean lines on these pieces mean you can pair them with a skirt or shorts for a great look all day long. 

  1. Minimal Bikinis

Similar to the appeal of vintage looks, bikinis with minimal embellishments will be a standout this summer. This look is emphasized in the Micro Collection by Jade Swim. This is another example where we see the use of clean lines and solid colors. Both the bikini and the bottoms leverage flattering cuts to achieve a killer look. Pairing a triangle bikini with string bikini bottoms is another look that may never go out of style. These fun summer suits will be sure to get you noticed, whether it’s in-person or on Instagram!

  1. Daring Prints

While the classic look is one major trend we will see in 2022, it’s certainly not the only one. If you are looking for a bold look, you might want to consider options with bright, splashy prints. One great example is the options found in the Reina Olga collections. For 2022, we see many daring leopard prints or bright and colorful prints (a Strange favorite...have you checked out our Wild Side print?). These prints can be found in various styles, including triangle bikinis and one-pieces with asymmetrical and bold cutout patterns. No matter which type of suit you choose, these are sure to be noticed. 

  1. Terry Bandeau Bikinis

One of the big trends in summer 2022 is the use of interesting and different fabrics. This trend was one of the hottest swimwear trends in 2021, and it has not faded in popularity at all. And for good reason, at a time when we see a lot of solid color options, the use of different fabrics is one way to achieve a unique look. A great example of this is the ribbed knit and crinkled bandeau tops made by Moda Operandi. These bandeau bikini tops stand out as beautiful and elegant examples that show how a different texture can provide a great look!

  1. Crocheted Swimsuits

Similar to the terry cloth suit options, other unique fabrics are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. One of the most interesting are crocheted suits. Whether you select a crocheted bikini or one-piece, your look is sure to stand out from the crowd. This isn’t a trend you will see Strange Bikinis participating in this upcoming season, but this trend tops the summer fashion news as it is sure to get your social media posts shared. Seayarn is a local company from Santa Cruz that makes incredible crochet styles 

  1. Binded One-Piece Suits

As another holdover from summer 2021, one-pieces with binding on the sides are another top style this year. These suits are a step up from the regular cutout patterns we see on all the beaches each year. The side binding is a great way to boost your summer look and take a one-piece suit to the next level. And binding with a tie on each side is incredibly versatile and stylish, highlighting the waistline and providing a flattering look. 

  1. Sophisticated Cutouts

One-piece suits featuring cutouts have been popular for a very long time. And this year, the cutouts are becoming more sophisticated and elegant. We see other great brands designing many options that layer different cutouts to provide very unique looks that highlight and accentuate different areas of the female form. While bikinis are commonly considered the sexier swimsuit option, you might not feel the same after viewing some of the hottest one-pieces with cutouts in 2022!

  1. High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms

High-waisted bikini bottoms are one of our customer faves and will still be hot in 2022. And it is easy to see why. These bottoms look amazing on women of all shapes and sizes. They are feminine and can be worn to all your summer occasions. And shoppers have many options to choose from, including slimming solid colors or those with bright patterns. No matter your preferences, these bikini bottoms deliver an amazing look every time. 

  1. Extreme Ruffles and Flounces

Another trend that you won’t see from us this year, but one that we love...Ruffles and flounces are becoming increasingly popular on the fashion runway – and now this trend has carried over to swimwear. Whether it is a one-piece or a bikini, these dramatic features often expose a wide neckline and the shoulders. It is a playful and feminine look that will take 2022 by storm. For a unique and sexy look, opt for an off-the-shoulder top paired with cutout bikini bottoms.

  1. A Sporty Look

Who said fashion can’t be functional? This year will see a rise in sports swimwear that is perfect for swimming or other beach sports. Our most favorite look to design, this look can be appealing and ensure that you are able to be comfortable no matter how active you plan to be. Ya know… sexy and athletic? Go girl.

As you can see, the top swimwear trends of 2022 are very diverse. This diversity allows all strangers to select swimsuits that match any style. And that means you can feel comfortable and confident, that’s the name of the Stranger game.


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