Sexy Eco-Friendly Swimwear That’s Kind on the Environment

With summertime fast approaching, it’s time to find sexy and flattering swimwear pieces to wear while soaking up the sun. But while shopping for your perfect suit this year, it’s worth taking some time to factor in another consideration – sustainability.

Beachgoers and other sun-bathers are frequently often one group of individuals who understand the importance of sustainability. This trait drives a goal to minimize human impact on the environment to maintain pristine habitats and surroundings that we can continue to enjoy for decades to come. After all, who wants to go to a dirty beach filled with litter or swim in polluted and contaminated water?

But efforts to improve the actual environment are only half the battle. What many swimwear shoppers don’t consider is the impact of their bathing suit itself.

Swimwear and Sustainability

In recent years, swimwear and other athletic clothing have been getting more news coverage due to just how bad they truly are for the environment. Synthetic fabrics, such as nylon, polyester, and spandex are often selected for swimwear as they are stretchable to contour an individual’s body, and they reduce friction in the water. However, these fabrics are all made with one common, and non-biodegradable ingredient – plastic.

An estimated 65 million tons of these plastic-based fabrics are generated each year, much of which eventually ends up in landfills or the oceans where it never decomposes. The accumulation of this type of waste is a significant contributor to the already-present 8 billion tons of plastic on the planet.

In addition to the non-biodegradable nature of swimwear that becomes an enormous problem after we’ve disposed of them, plastic byproducts can also end up in whatever body of water we are in while we are in it. Clothing made from these synthetic fibers releases tiny plastic fibers into the water every time they are immersed in water, but washing machines and wastewater treatment plants can often filter out these microplastics. 

In natural bodies of water, there are no filtering mechanisms. That means these microplastics go directly into the water to be consumed by marine animals. And when we consume fresh-caught marine animals., these plastics also end up directly on our plates and in our bodies too. There has got to be a better alternative.

The Biodegradable Difference

You’re right; there is a better way forward. As an industry innovator, Strange Bikinis manufactures swimwear made from biodegradable, organic fabric, using an eco-friendly process. You might be wondering what makes Strange Bikinis’ fabric different when so many competitors are unable to provide a biodegradable option. Simply put, we are using the most advanced technologies, materials, and methods available on the market.

We have partnered with Amni Soul Eco, the only producer of biodegradable polyamide yard, to source the material used in our swimsuits. Unlike synthetic plastic-based fabrics that never decompose, this material will decompose entirely within three years – leaving no trace of its existence on the planet after the wearer no longer needs it.

During the production of this year, water is reused whenever possible, and greenhouse gases are reduced to further preserve the ozone layer and the environment. And while you may think that in achieving these aims, the quality of the material may suffer, but that is not the case. There is no degradation of changes to the material during its lifetime, even when stored. And its shelf life is comparable to conventional polyamides. 

This durability is due to the fabric’s non-oxo-biodegradable nature. It doesn’t deteriorate due to use or exposure to oxygen. In fact, in order for it to break down, a set of environmental conditions must exist, such as high humidity, a lack of oxygen, and a high concentration of anaerobic bacteria – like what can be expected in a landfill. Once there, the material biodegradable swimsuits will break down, similar to wood, cotton, or paper. As you can see, there is a better way forward, and Strange Bikinis is leading the charge toward a sustainable, eco-friendly future for swimwear.

Strange Bikinis’ Philosophy

Strange Bikinis is a swimwear manufacturer that is committed to providing sexy bikinis for women and one-piece swimsuits that look good without having a profoundly negative impact on our environment. We have a commitment to quality, which is why every eco-friendly swimsuit is also handmade to fit your body perfectly – no matter what shape you may be – ensuring that you feel confident and stylish during your outdoor adventures.

Our suits are also made using an eco-friendly process that consumes less water and energy than standard manufacturing while using organic and biodegradable materials for the fabric.

This process begins in Brazil, where the raw biodegradable fabric is produced. This biodegradable fabric is also known for being soft, comfortable, durable, and breathability. It also washes easily, provides outstanding moisture absorption, is fast drying and fully-recyclable. 

Once this fabric arrives in California, the individual suits are handmade in small batches at a site located in California. The fabric is carefully cut in the Bay Area, while some of the fabric goes to the Los Angeles area to be transformed into straps. Customizations added to any orders are sent to Reno. But then finally, the entire bikini or one-piece swimsuit is hand sewn by individuals who have been specially-trained to work with this fabric. The resulting product is incomparable in quality to anything else that can be found on the market. 

Consumers who choose Strange Bikinis will be satisfied with the quality and fit of our swimsuit, and can also feel pride in knowing that they have selected the sustainable option that will work toward the continued health of our planet. Strange Bikinis is proud to be an industry innovator and offer their full-line of unique and inspired swimsuits made from fully-biodegradable fabric. And even more importantly, you will feel great knowing that you are wearing a suit that isn’t leaking plastic microfibers into the water and is a great option for the health and future of the planet’s environment.


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